Great WWII Bombers

Today, on a way home from my son’s doctors visit in Wheeling (Illinois) i did notice two familiar by documentary WWII movie plains park on the outskirts of Chicago Executive Airport. I had to stop by and take a look. The weather was pretty bad, hot and drizzle, but it did not stop a few dozen people from stopping by to take a pick at the legendary bombers. One was B-24 Liberator, and the other one B-17 Flying Fortress. I think, it was supposed to by some kind of airshow, but it was cancelled. Still my son and i was very lucky, because organizers still let us  look around, and even get inside of B-17. My son was ecstatic, when he got a chance to get inside B-17 and took a place as gunner behind a real 0.30 inches (7.62 mm) machine gun. Based on  a wikipedia article only 10 active flying B-17 in a world. The other bomber was B-24 Liberator. There are only  two flying Liberators: a B-24J named Witchcraft of the Collings Foundation, and a B-24A renamed Ol’ 927 (ex Diamond ‘Lil’), of the Commemorative Air Force. The visiting one, was B-24J Witchcraft. Here is some pictures to prove our luck.

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